Some time ago, reading blogs I found a one where a guy made a bucket list with 100 things he’d like to do.

I liked the idea and I decided to make a list of things to do for fun. It shouldn’t be rigid, I might update it with new items or decide that I should not do one of the existing ones.

But so far, it’s what I’ve gotten there:

  1. learn how to juggle with 3 round objects

  2. learn a 3rd foreign language in addition to English and Spanish (haven’t decided what should it be yet, maybe French or German, or something more radical like Esperanto or Farsi)

  3. live for a month in Kiev

  4. visit Lviv

  5. try to go traveling around in Crimea

  6. visit a concert of classical music

  7. learn how to cook kebabs

  8. try couchsurfing

  9. invest in stocks

  10. visit a foreign country

  11. improve Spanish to reach b2 level

  12. try photography

  13. try watching anime

    a short review in Spanish on the titles

  14. try watching doramas

  15. go to see the castle (here, around the town where I live, we’ve an amazing looking castle)

  16. mess around with electronics or arduino

  17. write a short story

  18. make an own software product

  19. earn money from my language learning experiences (by teaching other people or something else)

  20. visit Turkey

  21. visit Egypt

  22. visit Greece

  23. see a filming of a show or to participate in it

  24. visit a Latin American country

  25. visit India

  26. do a trip on a ship somewhere

  27. get some business experience

  28. try a webmaster’s business

  29. assemble a puzzle