Week 38 of 2017, 10th post of the 4th year (May 2017 - May 2018)

I never really liked anime. That’s totally ok, but I was one of the people who critisized it without ever wathing. But one day I decided that if I want to say how weird it’s, I should at least check it out and get some experience wathing it, it’d not hurt me to see a couple of things.

So, I did it. So far I’ve gotten through 6 titles. I’d also like to leave my short opinions on the animes I wathched in a Spanish post, since I decided I should watch it in Spanish.

At first it was strange, I was curious if it’d resemble me of standard anime cliches that people who never watch anime think about when they hear about anime - craziness and screaming girls with bigs eyes. It did resemble and it didn’t. In Death note, that I, basically, did not finish, there was a cliched anime girl as the second Kira, running around with the big eyes, acting nuts and pretty unadequate. In other animes I’ve skimmed through I did not see anything like that. And some of the ones I watched have really good drama (that’s what I value a lot in movies). It’s an interesting genre and it was definitely worth trying it out.

So, another to do thing is done, looking forward to keeping up going through my list.

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