Week 28 of 2017, 4th post of the 4th year (May 2017 - May 2018)

TEDx could be amazing in a way, even though some of the talks aren’t good at all, others might be too political or just dull. But in general, it’s a really great place for finding some short videos about interesting experiences of other people.

I was so fascinated by the guy talking about backpack traveling that I decided to write down the key moments from the speech and publish it on the blog.

It might seem silly to people who have had travel experiences but for me, a person who never been outside of Ukraine and literally has no traveling experience whatsoever, that short funny video was as insightful as much as it was fun to watch.

So, it’s very likely that it’s easy to guess correctly by just looking at the title of the lecture what was it all about. It was about how to cut off living expenses significantly while traveling.

Also, I’m going to include my short commentaries about some of the key points.

  • The main thing is to overcome the initial fear of leaving the comfort zone

My commentary:

I’m really familiar with the fear, probably as everyone else, but, recently, for example, when I went looking for an office job, I had an uncomfortable feeling of getting out of something familiar. I guess, the same applies to traveling as well. It’s just an emotional reaction, but it’s there and we have to deal with it.

  • There’re three main categories of expenses – transport, apartment and food

  • It’s possible to cut off on the transport expenses with hitchhiking, biking or walking

My commentary:

Sounds pretty obvious, but I never really thought about hitchhiking seriously, but I’ve read some guys’ short summary on how he left his job and went around the Europe on his bike.

  • Not to pay money for the apartments is possible with couch surfing, camping or leaving in parks or volunteering

My commentary:

Yay, couch surfing! That’s so amazing!

  • Not to pay money for food is possible if you eat at the hosts’ houses from supermarkets

  • There’re downsides - homesickness, hunger, sickness etc

My commentary:

I’m glad the guy mentioned some of the minuses of the “cheap” traveling approach, because this solution wouldn’t fit everyone. It just seems to me, that couch surfing might be awesome. And even if it wasn’t, it’s great to see the philosophy of backpack travelers.

Staying at a hotel, visiting couple of tourist traps and drinking at a bar could be fun too, but couch surfing might be more intense in a good way, might give more emotions and familiarity with a country.

Summary in a table:

type of the expense ways to reduce it
transport hitchhiking, biking, walking, volunteering
appartments couch surfing, camping, volunteering
food supermarkets, cooking with hosts
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