This book seems to target kids but could be useful for adults as well. It has lots of tips how to handle finances wrapped around in a fairy tale type of story about a little girl and her dog.

The approach proposed is rather a careful one and very wise in the nature. I wrote down some nice advices and I’d recomend reading it to almost anybody, especially, to people who may have problems in the financial life.

  • Write down what you want to buy or achieve
  • Choose the most important stuff if you wrote too much
  • Break down the income into categories for saving, keep the amount within 3
  • Make an album with pictures of the wishes
  • Make a diary where you write down successes every day to gain confidence and to see the progress
  • Think of good ideas of how to make money
  • To earn a lot of money, solve peoples’ problems by doing what you know how to do
  • If you decided something you should set it up within 72 hours if you don’t do it then you probably would never do it
  • Take no loans or credits
  • Save as much as it’s possible
  • Use a part of the savings to bring money by lending it or investing it. Keep a part of the money at home, another part at the bank
  • Invest in stocks, for that you should choose a nice international investment fund that has existed for at least 10 years
  • It makes sense to also count the inflation rate to see how the actual value of the money changes
  • Some investments might not be worth time because they would not cover the inflation rate
  • Delegate doing things you don’t like to others
  • Do statistics on finances
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