Week 35 of 2017, 8th post of the 4th year (May 2017 - May 2018)

Since there’re plenty of programming languages and the number is growing, it’s pretty obvious that a human can’t keep up with all of them. So it’s necessary to choose, to filter them.

I’m interested the most in web programming. I work as a front-end developer with JavaScript, but I also like to play around with back-end. For back-end I’ve tried a number of different options (like PHP and Node.js), but eventually I realized that Python could be a better choice for me.

PHP has many security problems, it’s paid less, it’s associated in a lot of ways with Wordpress sites and CMS development (which I don’t like). Also it’s less elegant than Python and seems to overall have less libraries.

But in outstands Python in web since there’re more options and frameworks available.

Node.js is very unstable and the whole ecosystem of many little packages doesn’t give a good feeling.

Conceptually, it’s new ideas and it’s very convenient to use one language for the both side (front-end and back-end).

But, after all, Python is widely used in Linux, it’s used in web development with Flask and Django, it’s could be a wonderful language for automation etc. So I decided to stay with Python.

For the client, we have JavaScript, so it’s the second important programming language for me. Many people don’t like it, it’s kind of weird but I’m pretty used to it and don’t feel a desire to switch to Elm or TypeScript unless I’m paid to do so.

Also, the third one is C. I use Linux at work and in everyday life, and pretty much, it’s written in C. V8, the current JavaScript engine for compiling JavaScript code to machine code is written in C++, which is C with additional features. Also, pretty much every tool used in programming has good chances to be developed in C or C++.

So, it’s crucial, to also write code in C or C++ sometimes, it might help to understand JavaScript for me better.

I’m actually going to write an app in C one day, it’s on my to-do list.

Also, I’d like to dabble around with the assembly language since it’s much closer to machine code and I feel, it’d help me to be more comfortable with high level stuff and programming in general as well.

So, currently, these are the basic and most important programming languages to me.

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