Week 19 of 2017

A picture of dog that I drew in photoshop

Recently, I made a list of things I’d like to do in my free time within the next five years. The list included an entry “make a site potentially useful for other people”. So, I have finished some time ago.

It’s a site, made with JavaScript (Angular), with no server code to keep it simple and minimalistic, placed on free hosting (the hosting is from bitbucket). It’s a tool for creating a table and exporting it as a PDF file. It supports drag and drop for fields/headers and it could be edited pretty fast. Also, the table is saved in the local storage on the computer, so if there’s a problem with Internet, or something like that, a user could come back later and still keep working with exact same table as was there before (unless he clears storages in his browser). There’s an option to delete the table from the computer completely to keep it clean and not as cluttery.

Also, it was intented as a desktop tool, not for tablets or smartphones. Just there’re some situations in life when people might need to make a small table and save it as PDF. And they might want to look for an online tool.

I made this project partially for fun, partially to show it as a sample of my work and partially to explore the new Angular and it’s ecosystem which in a lot of ways is concentrated around TypeScript. I like TypeScript more than plain JavaScript, because in general, I think, static typing is preferable over not having to point out types of varibales, arguments at all. It seems like a neater and cleaner way to do things, that could produce less errors and give more structure to the code. It could make the coder think more about the code which is not bad, since it could improve quality of a program.

I’m not the greatest designer ever, so it doesn’t look as awesome but as long as it’s functional and does what’s it supposed to, it’s not a big deal.

Anyways, here is a link to the project.

It’s my first project that is oriented on other people, so any thoughts about how to improve it, bug reports or other types of contributions are welcome.

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