Week 19 of 2017

Coming from more than one background, you may start to notice some tools or ideas that should be known by people outside of the area as well. Simply because the tools or the ideas are so significant or important that they could benefit much more people.

For example, in programming it’s linux. Many people who aren’t related to programming use windows because it’s convenient and simpler. I was like that too. But ever since I switched to Ubuntu and then later to Debian, I can see, that linux is faster, more secure, has a lot of flexibility. Tools like cat, wget, curl, grep help to make life easier.

I’d say linux, and it’s importance, should go outside of the programming circle. Of course, it’s not perfect and there’re some areas where windows would be better. But many professionals outside of IT field don’t event give it a try, they think it’s too complex, nerdy, or not worth investing time to learn. They all dream of expensive Macs, not noticing free linux.

Besides linux there’s another good software product I picked up because I’m a developer. It’s a static site generator jekyll which I use for my blog. At first, I got a wordpress blog and it was such a pain in the ass! I personally don’t like LAMP stack that much, and I had to manage the blog based on it, change the way theme looked and stuff. Also, the blog had a database and I needed to get a real server for it. It had a horrible commenting system, where I got shitload of spam all the time. Then I switched to jekyll and my life has become so much easier! I don’t have to rent any server, I don’t need Php with MySql anymore. I can use a simple markup (the markdown language) for formatting my posts. It’s integrated with github pages. Everythings is so much neater. No stupid admin panels.

But I was able to try jekyll also, because, I’m a developer myself. If I had never done it, I’d have probably gotten stuck with wordpress, or I’d have had some spot on medium. But it’s not as fun as what I’ve now.

So, to generalize, a big advantage of being a developer is that I could use the best soft for my needs, which otherwise might be not as easy to handle (linux, emacs, jekyll, markdown). It’s something nice people with other professions might benefit from but they don’t know about it.

Hanging around with language learners gave me nice and unique experience plus introduced me to index cards/flash cards. They are so amazing, I use index cards now when I read books, I use flash cards whenever I’ve to learn bunch of concepts that would be hard to grasp otherwise. I’d say, the importance of cards goes much beyond language acquisition for adults.

Going to forums, talking to people who love good stories and movies helped me to develop some analytical skills plus gave me an ability to see patterns in stories and movies. It taught me that action is not the main value in a movie and that well structured drama could have even more power.

Learning experience in a law school showed me, that every single person is empowered with rights, freedoms, liabilities, has the right to protect himself, his interests. It also introduced me to basic economy/business concepts. So if I’m ever going to start some kind of own business in the future, it’d help me to feel more comfortable. Many people in my country have problems with the Soviet type of mentality. They’re too shy, don’t feel like they’re worth good things. They let others to manipulate or to use them, if they have a conflict, even in a situation where they’re legally and morally right, they’d be too afraid to complain or to go to a court. It’s something nice that should go outside of the law field – a lot of people aren’t used to it. But they should feel worthy and empowered to do whatever they want, to pursue a nice career.

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