Week 20 of 2017

I like blogging a lot, I’d not want to fail it long-term. So when I freak out, in addition to the reasons I mentioned before, I’ve come up with another way to keep it going.

So, from now on, if I’ve the time, I’d like to make a little image in photoshop that somehow related to the subject of the post. Or not related at all. I want to call an image like that a “foodie”, even though most of the time it would probably have nothing to do with food.

Another use from it would be to boost my design skills. Or to at least, retain them. Because sometimes it seems, even so little I’m able to do in photoshop might get lost if I don’t do anything there for years.

And it’d a nice little side hobby that wouldn’t take as much time.

Maybe, it’d even help me to understand UI better, since right now I can’t consider myself a good designer.

foodie of the week:
A strawberry:

I spent, maybe, an hour on it in photoshop.

A picture of a strawberry ish, made in photoshop

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