I never done puzzles growing up. And it was interesting for me to try it and to see how it goes. So, one day at a book store (where I was with my wife), we saw a section for puzzles. We decided to pick a simple one with a monkey that contained 120 pieces.

It’s kind of funny, because in reality, after counting the pieces, we found out that there’re 130 and one is missing. But luckily, that was not a big deal as we managed to put it all together anyway. It took, approximately, 3 hours over a couple of weekends.

So, now I kind of know little hacks that helped with the process:

  • at the beginning what made a difference was sorting it out – as I looked at it, I saw that, basically, the whole picture had two different zones in terms of color and composition – the orangutan and the tree. So, we sat aside the tree at first, focusing on the ape, as that part is smaller and seemed easier to finish than his tree.

  • also, my wife pointed out that working with edges is also simpler.

  • I noticed that sometimes it was easier to focus on the right shape – like near the end, there were places where it was faster to get it done by just looking at what type of a shape the remaining zone could take.

  • sometimes, noticing color of a corner of a piece and searching for a matching one was good enough too.

I took few pictures of the result:

I don’t know if I’ve become a fan of assembling puzzles, but maybe one day it’d be nice to make my feet wet with a bigger one!

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