Week 31 of 2017, 6th post of the 4th year (May 2017 - May 2018)

I’ve finished an item from my bucket list. I’m really happy about it. I haven’t gotten out camping making kebabs in my life much, actually, I’ve never done it. Once I’ve eaten kebabs made by my uncle, that was really nice. But I wanted to try making my own.

And, finally, this weekend, I did it!

We went to my mom’s on Saturday, since she’s been out of the town for a while. We got some meat at the local store and we marinaded it in kefir with tomatoes and onion rings.

Then after the midnight, we went to the backyard and I started trying to fire up the flame for the meat with charcoul and some cherry smelling chemical liquid (the label at the bottle promised fast and easy fire anywhere).

It went fine, and then I spent a couple of hours of time trying that and that until eventually, the meat on the stick came out good.

It was really tasty, and we shared wasted meat scrumbs with a neighbor’s dog.

Being at the yard almost gave an illusion of being somewhere in the woods.

I liked the experience.

It’s a picture I took there:

A photo of the kebabs I cooked

what it is all about