Week 15 of 2017

I heard about the book for the first time from some Russian self help author, who wrote about it in his review on different types of psychotherapy. Ever since then, I wanted to read it, but was putting it off until recently I finished the book.

The book could be interesting to everyone, not just to people who want to know a little bit more about our souls. It’s, basically, a great reading, also because it was written by a person who had gone through some horrible life experiences. It makes him empowered of talking about such abstract things as life meaning and it’s importance.

In the first part of the book is his memories about concentration camps he went through during World War 2, as a Jewish person. Viktor wrote about the experiences in the camps from a doctor’s prospective. Along with facts and things happened he also talked about how a prisoner felt. And which phychological stages a prisoner went through, including how it was after the camp.

In the second part of the book, the author wrote some kind of essay, basically, talking about a meaning of a life under different circumstances and in the most extreme conditions.

I expected it to be shocking, to hear about all the sufferings and misery people went through, and it was. Also, it’s hard not to see and feel a humanistic leitmotif throughout the book. It has a really strong impulse in a positive way. It seems to be in general like one of those great movies about unordinary people with a great will who can survive under the toughest conditions and still deserve a lot of respect, not only because of what they went through, but also because they can still find a strength to describe their experiences to others. And to keep their ins together, staying humans.

Also, reading stuff like that, a one can see, how much our culture and generation has shifted towards hating and mocking traditional moral values. The opposite from humanism is trending, but hearing stories like that, simple and powerful, can be a really enriching experience, changing the prospective we see things around us.

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