Week 12 of 2017

So, I read the book, below is a short summary:

  • The book brings up some really fundamental things about being a programmer/developer – how to sell yourself as a professional;
  • Andy starts talking about that being a hobbyist differs from working on someone. Also, the hiring process in an expensive thing, companies want to hire people to solve problems, so when you’re looking for a job, it’s how you should present yourself – as someone who can solve problems of the firm;

  • The resume is the main instrument for that. You should spend time, polishing it up, structuring it properly and trying to make it impressive;

  • You should have a resume as a web version, also as doc and PDF versions. And plain text for the emails;

  • A proper structure of a resume includes a short summary of skills/working experience on the top. A hiring manager typically spends around 30 seconds on each resume at first, so you have to make yours catchy enough with the summary. Imagine yourself in an elevator, having 30 seconds with the manager to make an impression on him. Avoid generic phrases and bullshit words – “I’m a hard worker”, “I’m a fast learner” etc. Focus on the most important;

  • Also, below the summary, you should adjust the sections moving them closer to the top or the bottom, depending on the type of job you’re looking for. You should also include a relevant open source experience if it fits the job. Andy advices to move the section with the kewords of the skills to the bottom unless you don’t have any real work experience;

  • You should also include if you have certifications that might be a fit for the job or if you’ve experience working in that type of a business;

  • You should constanly be working on adding new things to your resume. Ideally, once per three month you should be able to add something new;

  • When sending your resume, you should add cover leter, unless you’re told not to. In the letter you should write what do you know about the company, be enthusiastic, tell how you’d be usefull for the firm. Andy mentions, it’s better to target specific companies and spend some time learning what they do. Also, what the employees think about working there;

  • Andy says, developers should be more egotistical and always remember – a company would get rid of you in a minute whenever something happens, so you should be like that too, not counting on them, not getting attached to a place where you work. Always be ready to respond if you encounter a better job. Always be looking for new working opportunities;

  • In general, you should work on three things – your skills, networking and making your own brand;

  • When you going to an interview, be nice to everybody, treat everyone you meet in the office as a SEO;

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