Week 10 of 2017

Why did I choose it

I decided to go through it because I wanted to find out more about the man. He seemed a smart person, the guy holds two Phds – in chemistry and informatics and also two masters degree in economics and physics. Also, he is a popular chick writer in Poland, his books were or still are doing good. It impressed me a lot, so I wanted to know more about his lifestyle, about what is his secret to productivity and such an intense life.

The form of the book

The book is written in form of an interview. Dorota Wellman asking questions and Janusz answering them. In fact, it’s more like a biography of the guy. The questions vary from normal to quite weird, even sexually oriented (like how much women have you slept with). That is explainable, because the book is, probably, for the fans of the writer. And since he writes sentimental novels, most of his readers are, probably, women or girls.

The content

I liked his answers and the questions except the sexually focused ones (that was quite awkward, so I tried to skip those). I think, it’s an interesting book. The man was pretty opened up about his life. He told about it, how he was growing up in the Soviet Union and became a seaman to see the world outside of the country, since it was pretty closed off. He said, he feels pretty lonely in life and all the achievments he has gotten were because of a constant hard work and because he’s a workaholic.

In addition, he mentioned that he regrets not having free time and his divercity. He told he wishes he would have been focused more on doing one thing instead of getting various degrees and Phds.

According to what he said, his relatioships with the wife went from love to a divorce mostly because he was always busy at work and never paid enough attention to the family. He is trying to make up for it by spending a lot of time with the daughters.

Which kind of answer to my curiosity did I find there

There’s no golden bullet to success. It comes from hard work and good life planning and being always active since the young ages, chasing your dreams around not chasing it away. But it’s a trade-off – spending all time at work results in broken bonds with people around you. Harsh, but fair, make your choice.

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